As of September 2017, a sequel to Neckbeards: Basement Arena is in production. The release date is currently unknown.

Neckbeards 2 features the same addictive gameplay as the first game with twice the number of playable characters, new enemies, and many new power ups. From a presentational viewpoint, Neckbeards 2 features a more photographic art direction.

All of the beloved protagonists return from the first game. In addition, there are five new heroes to unlock.

Below is a tentative list of the new protagonists in Neckbeards 2:

Name Class Special Ability Unlocks at
Bats Autist Klinefertel Regenerate health if it falls under 20% Level 10
Sober Cole Alcoholic Bulletproof Liver 1% chance of enemy fire healing you by 5% Level 20
Garrett Beta Male Make Her Day Lose control (perform autistic dance) if health falls under 10%, also rapidly regenerate health during this time Level 30
Eggman Beta Male C R A C K E D Triple shot if health falls under 20% Level 30
Charles Seawater III Chad none Level 40

Note: Eggman is not available as an NPC in this game.