Silly Squadron is on sale on Steam for $4.99

The second game in the Neckbeards-franchise, Silly Squadron is a modern take on the 1978 arcade classic, Space Invaders. The game was released in December 2017, receiving a major update in August 2018.

In Silly Squadron, you and your friend (either human or CPU-controlled) face off with the growing threat of sillyness that has been unleashed on Kekland, your home continent. There are seven worlds with different themes in the game:

  • Happyville an introduction to the situation at hand
  • Camp Autist a hub of insecure males with glasses
  • Beta Town featuring kamikaze beta males and the formidable Middle Aged Man
  • Lake Mills
  • Zolo Desert causes overheating issues for our protagonists
  • Cuck City
  • Isle of Kek is a water world with some very tough foes

Deluge Edit

After world 7 (Isle of Kek), the players are sent to Deluge, a non-stop inferno featuring swarms of Silly Heads and many other types of enemies. You are required to destroy 9000 foes in Deluge to win the game. The pause-mode is disabled in Deluge, making it all that more difficult.

The Friendship-dynamic Edit

Before the action begins in each level in Silly Squadron, you and your friend may befriend some of the invaders by lining up with them. These invaders will be then removed from the battlefield only to re-appear on the next level as your allies.

Ships and Gems Edit

Defeated enemies drop gems which are used as currency. There are nine ships available for purchase in the game. 

Ship Cost Special
Xolox 20 No overheating
Heavy Xolox 30
Mills' Podship 50 Pods
Bob's Wrath 80 Rapid fire
Seronator 30
Dopaminer 65 Mining laser for extra parts
Sane Wife 60
Double-Wide Sane Wife 140 Dual cannon, heat issues
Autist Avenger 160 Missiles

Note(s): The game was originally called Cuck Invaders. It received a major overall update, including bug fixes, in August 2018, also getting re-franchised as Silly Squadron.