Neckbeards is sold on Steam for $3.99.

Storyline Edit

Antagonists have taken over the basements of the world. It's your duty as shut-in warriors to clear these sacred battlegrounds. Based on classic arcade games like Robotron 2084, Neckbeards is non-stop action for one or two players with an epic soundtrack and a taste for psychedelia.

  • Choose your champion from a posse of amazing protagonists, including a badass beta male, a racy spinster, and a fearsome basement dweller (with mad punching skills)!
  • Face a hundred levels full of insane Chads, trolls, and hundreds of other foes. Protect mom in the garden levels or you'll never, ever get dessert again!
  • Do mortal battle with special enemies, each more special (and weird) than the last!
  • Heal your wounds with some delicious junk food or high-quality medicinal herb!
  • Clear each level in time - or face the fearsome school shooter. Natural selection, baby!

Cast of characters Edit

The Protagonists Edit

Non-playable characters (NPCs) Edit

The Antagonists Edit

Regular foes Threat Level Inanimate objects

Threat Level

Special enemies

Threat Level

Chad 15 Mine 4 Large Crimson 40
Troll 20 Cannon 10 Hipster Lady 30
Flame Troll 20 Laser Turret 30 Beta Male Orbiter indestructible
Fail Troll 8 X Generator 20 Unpleasant Autist 45
Large Gentleman 4 Simp Generator 20 Smugglypuff 50
Roboton 20 Red Generator 20 Beta Cannon 50
Pepe indestructible Troll Generator 30 Aids Musician 50
Simp 4 Fedora Generator 30 Carl the Cuck 40
Prom Queen 8 Fedora 1 Steve 55
Ginger Dustin 17 Safe Space 18 Trigglypuff 60
Minelayer Cuck 14 Basement Smog 10 BBW 70
Survivalist (Mr Hyde) 21

Troll King 30
Bearsuit 25

Weeaboo 30
Paperbag Head 25

Weeaboo Orbiter indestructible
Incel Ghost 16

Furry 80
White Knight 16

Laci 99
Evil George 6

School Shooter 100
Evil Phil 4

MGTOW Monk 45
Evil Theresa 4

Chadmobile indestructible
Evil Gentleman 6

Cucumber Tom 40
Evil Paul 5

Wizard 30
Airborne Beta Male 2

Snowflake 50
Robochad 25

Giant Donut 50

First Fifteen Basements in Detail (out of a hundred) Edit

Basement Name Level Special
Basement Smog 1
Incel Shuffle 2
Beta Club 3 Introduction of minefields and Wheelchair Autists
Trolling 4 Troll-only basement
White Knight Cavalcade 5 White Knights in a fedora prison
I'm Reading, Fuckface! 6 Boss fight: Large Crimson, introduction of enemy generators
Chad Nation 7 Chad-only basement
Happy Disco 8 Distracting disco lights
Beta Orbiters 9 Boss fight: Hipster Lady
The Troll King 10 Boss fight: Troll King
Mom's Garden 11 Introduction to mom: protect her or the game is over.
You're a White Male! 12 Boss fight: Aids Skrillex and Carl the Cuck
Robochads 13 Introduction to Robochads
Tom the Morphine Boy 14 Boss fight: Cucumber Tom
Flame Wars 15 Introduction to Flame Trolls

Strategies for Two Player Games Edit

The selection of characters is crucial in Neckbeards - doubly so in two player games. Some teams are simply better than others. Here are some combinations you and player two might find useful.

The School Shooter appears some seconds sooner in two player mode so you have less time to clear each basement.

Strategy Player One Player Two Notes
"Incel Protocol" Paul Sego The Gentleman Paul tanks while the Gentleman draws some of

that incel ghost fire - and is unphased by it.

A perfect combination for more experienced


"Virgin Capers" Sexy George Sexy George A lethal combination of firepower and endurance.

Best strategy for newcomers.

"Spinster Deluxe" Happy Theresa Happy Theresa An all-female team with plenty of speed, but also

enough endurance to handle the later levels.

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