A beta male is an unattractive male organism. He can only redeem himself by being wealthy, having some type of celebrity status, or transferring his consciousness onto a more attractive physique.

There are six core tenets to betadom:

  1. Being physically average or unattractive
  2. Acting in a timid fashion
  3. Pedestalizing women at every opportunity
  4. Being emotionally available (i.e. caring about other people)
  5. White knighting (i.e. "coming to the rescue" of women, mostly in an online environment)
  6. Orbiting (i.e. getting in touch with females for no reason apart from the potential attention)

Guess which one is the beta

Beta males are not usually able to help themselves. A large part of the problem is the incessant stream of attention beta males offer to most, if not all, women - both online and offline. By engaging in pointless small talk with an indifferent female, a beta male is in essence giving away his power and signalling defeat. Males keep devaluing themselves and thus each other as a group through this behavior.

Betadom is a complicated issue. There are no easy solutions. Also, the so-called "pick up artists" i.e. dating coaches are nothing but scammers and offer no advice of any value. Either you are attractive as yourself or you are not. Fancy speech patterns and hip clothing are not enough and won't change how women perceive you.

The only advice a beta male needs is this: become a more rugged and handsome male via exercise and plastic surgery, or hold on to your personal interests and what's left of your dignity.

Note: a "beta male" is not a political concept. It applies to all kinds of unattractive men universally.

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